Friday, February 27, 2015

Best Facebook Group Poster 2015, Best Facebook Marketing Software 2015, Best Facebook Spam Inbox

You need a facebook marketing tool?
You need sell service, product, PR, get real traffic from facebook?
This is the best facebook marketing tool will help you do it all!

Fast setup and very simply :)

Facebook Group Poster, Facebook Marketing Software!!!!!

Facebook group poster
Facebook link poster
Facebook photos poster
Facebook comment poster
Facebook status poster
Facebook link share
Facebook spam inbox by UIDs
Facebook friens request by UIDs
Can import, export groups, can filter group by keyword.

Updated Feb 10/2015 : Added loop auto post after post all groups completed.

Updated to version 1.4:
March 3/2015 => Added Send message to facebook UID's
Send message to not your friends unlimited with UIDs list!
Soft to send messages to facebook UID,s (Numerical ID's), 

Update March 15/2015 : Friends request by UIDs + fix bug

1/ Facebook UIDs Scraper

Access 2007++ Installed, .Net FrameWork 4.0
Video demo:

Price: $65
Skype: facebookspammarketing


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